Ever Expanding and new Show Opportunities

OnPoint has some HUGE news. 

But first, we want to send a great big “thank you” to Cul de Sac, Wham Bam Thank You Fam, Space Ghost and Short Rib Double Stack for an incredible show last Sunday. Several people came up to us afterwards and said it was one of the best all around OnPoint shows they've seen. You crushed it AND raised $414 for Paradise Moves! Hell yeah.

Now for the news. Starting in March, OnPoint will feature one team as our "Indie Team of the Month"! For that month, one team will: 

  • Headline our regular show at the Green Room in Somerville (Sunday at 7:30pm),

  • Headline our featured show at Remnant Brewery (a different Sunday in the month at 7:30pm in Bow Market in Somerville),

  • Headline and host our new show, The Indie Team Jam, at ImprovBoston (yet another Sunday in the month at 7:30pm). The format for this show will be similar to the Fresh Blend structure; the headlining team will perform a 20-25 minute set and then host a jam specifically for/with indie teams,

  • AND, they will get to choose the nonprofit that will receive all the show donations for that month!

As if three shows in a month wasn't cool enough...not to mention raising money for charity...we are now working with ImprovBoston to host some of our Sunday shows on the mainstage! For March, this includes only our Indie Team Jam. In the future and depending on IB's availability, we may host our Green Room show there as well. Damn. 

Each month, a team will be chosen by the OnPoint producers. To be considered, your team must be able to attend each show that month, support the month’s activities through promotion, and help plan (mostly for the charity, though as needed with OnPoint producers). On a personal note - it will definitely help your case if you've performed at OnPoint shows and have a track record of bringing an audience. For March, our shows will include a show at the Green Room on 3/10, our Indie Team Jam on the IB Mainstage on 3/24, and our show at Remnant on 3/31. 

If you'd like to be considered for March's "Indie Team of the Month" or any of the shows, please fill out this form (link).

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! 

You're #OnPoint producing team,

Noah, Sarah and Nathan